Mrs. Prewett

by Audrey Skinner from Douglasville, Georgia in United States

Mrs. Prewett: My Hero

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week and I want to give respect to all the amazing teachers that I have had. Every day, when you scroll on a device or watch a TV show, there are usually not teachers on there. There most likely will be music, sport games, popular shows that entertain people, or fake videos of what people call ‘heroes’. But you never see teachers as heroes. Will teachers ever be considered as heroes? 

My teacher is Mrs. Prewett. I chose her because she is so sweet and she is just amazing. She does so many things for us. One time, I was feeling down about what happened in the past hours of my life, and Mrs. Prewett came over and said, “What’s wrong?” I looked down and said, “I am having a terrible day.” Then she started comforting me saying, “It’s ok, don’t worry about it.” So I stopped worrying about it. After that, Mrs. Prewett gave me a piece of candy to cheer me up. That had really made my day.

Mrs. Prewett’s dream vacation is going to Ireland. Her favorite dish from the cafeteria is the Taco Salad. The difference she sees in her morning class vs her afternoon class, is that the morning classes are pretty calm, and the afternoon classes are wild!! If she could take her students anywhere, she would take them to Disney World. That would be so fun! She hopes her students will remember her and her class by remembering that she loves them. She would want to grow up in the 1900s if she got to choose which decade she would grow up in. 

Teachers are a very important part of our lives. You should really start appreciating them. They spend money on you. Just so you can have a great experience. They enjoy you. You should be thankful for that. So take some time today, to say thank you. My hero is being recognized by me because they need to see how much we appreciate and care about them. She is a hero because she helps us grow, be more mature, caring, and helpful.


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