Mrs. Prewett

by Yaroslav Tkachenko from Douglasville, Georgia in United States

My Hero: Mrs. Prewett

It is teacher appreciation week and I want to tell the best teacher at South Douglas that is to me. Mr Prewett is my hero because she was so much fun when I was in 3rd grade. One way she was fun in 3rd grade was how she would let us get a soda and a treat if we got writing winners, and I got writing winners a lot of times.   

Mrs. Prewett was my 3rd-grade teacher, and she is my hero because one time I was struggling with a question in practice for the writing score. She helped me understand it. At first, it was hard to understand it, but she followed me through the steps. After she did that it was way easier. That is why I picked her as my hero.

Did you know that Mrs. Prewett’s last meal would be pinto beans and cornbread? Did you know that if Mrs. Prewett won a lottery and decided to give up teaching she would help people that want to have kids? Also did you know that Mrs. Prewett’s favorite dish from the cafeteria is taco salad?

Teachers are very important to the earth because without them there would be no one to teach kids.  Mrs. Prewett is kind, fun, and encouraging. That is why she is my hero. Mrs. Prewett is the funnest and nicest teacher I ever had.


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