Mrs. Prewett

by Hunter Griffin from Douglasville, Georgia in United States

Mrs. Prewett: My Hero!

By Hunter Griffin

It is Teacher Appreciation Week, so I have something to say. Every day, when you turn on a TV, all you see is Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce, or some other superstars. Teachers deserve to be on the news, so why can’t they? There are many great teachers out there. An example of a great teacher is Mrs. Prewett! 

One day, we were typing out a story on the computer. Suddenly, my computer keys were sticking! I was writing as slow as a snail in a cobweb. Everyone was getting ahead of me and I didn’t know what to do. Luckily, Mrs. Prewett, my third grade writing teacher and my hero, saw me struggling and went over to help me. I told her that my keys were sticking and I couldn't write fast. She told me to go to the library and there, I got it fixed! After that, if you aren’t convinced that Mrs. Prewett isn’t a great teacher, I don’t know how else to convince you.

Actually, I do know another way to convince you that she is a great teacher! I decided to sit with her and answer some questions about her. She said the accomplishment that fills her pride this year is seeing her students do good in writing. Also, she is inspired by kids liking school. This is a silly question, but did you know that her best talent is her bad singing?


Teachers are awesome heroes, and an example is Mrs. Prewett! She helped me solve a problem, and helps support kids. Teachers like Mrs. Prewett deserve to be as famous as Taylor Swift!


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