Mrs. Quinn

by Inessa Nikitenko from Douglasville, Georgia in United States

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week! Do you ever wonder why teachers are important? I believe teachers are important because they help kids learn and make sure they feel comfortable about themselves. Do you ever also wonder why teachers are never on the newspapers or the Internet? I think teachers are never really on the TV or on the Internet because they are not famous like Ice Spice or somebody like that.

For example, one time I fell off the playground on the slide. I got sent to the office and she gave me some ice and band-aids. Also, one time my head was hurting and I went to the office and she called my mom and I got checked out. I also did Mrs. Quinn because she is just so kind and sweet and the fact that she has time for us and her own kids.

Do you ever wonder what Mrs. Quinn does on her summer breaks? Mrs. Quinn spends time around the pool with her family and her secret talent is that she can sing. Her dream vacation is to go to Italy.

Teachers are important because they help kids learn and make sure kids feel good about themselves. I feel like I should highlight Mrs. Quinn because she sorts out the passes and many more. She’s a hero especially because she just does so much for our community. 



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