Mrs. Reeves

by Kadence Smith from Douglasville, Georgia in United States

Mrs.Reeves is my Hero!

Since it's Teacher Appreciation Week and teachers do a lot of things for their students, they make sure they’re ready for tests (like the GMAS if they have it) and make sure their students are always comfortable and safe with the new materials they use. Teachers are also rarely in the newspaper,t.v.,and internet for what they do, this is because most teachers don’t have connections with people willing to interview them. Most people are only willing to interview you because you’re a celebrity since that will get more views.

My teacher hero is Mrs.Reeves because she was one of my first teachers when moving to a new school! She helped me by making plays and made me become interested in reading, until Mrs.Reeves did all those plays I didn’t really have the desire to always read. Thanks to her, now I'm getting better and better every day!


Mrs.Reeves has many things kids don’t know about. As I interviewed her I learned that her hidden talent is that she can still twirl a ribbon, and some pets she have owned are 2 cats and she wants to own a lion.I also learned that she likes spending her summer breaks hanging out by the pool reading crafts, with her perfect lasagna we learned she can cook to perfection!Now, a tradition that she has is to always read some book like “First Day Jitters”,we then learned that to get all pumped up for class to hide how tired she is, she always listens to praise music. Next, one of the most embarrassing moments Mrs.Reeves has that she’s willing to share is when she went roller skating on her heelies. Then, I asked her what are some trends that seem to be baffling to her, I’m not very surprised she said tik tok. Finally I asked what kind of driver she was when she got her license, surprisingly she said a safe driver.


Teachers are important to me because they can change how your life goes and can guide you to a better path for your future. Mrs.Reeves is being recognized by me because of all the things she has taught me and done for me. She is a hero for guiding me into a reader’s future and helping me get ready for 4th grade reading. She is amazing and is my hero!


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