Mrs Waits My Hero

by Samuel Prewett from Douglasville, Georgia in United States

Mrs Waits: My hero! By: Samuel Walker Prewett

I chose Mrs Waits as my hero because she helped me out in math when I was struggling. First it was hard to understand in 3rd grade then a few months later I got better and better. She even put me on the math team!  

Whenever I didn’t understand something in math she always got me back on track. She never punished someone for not understanding she helped them until they understood everything about it . She really helped everyone with math.

Did you know her last meal would be steak with a baked potato and for dessert a cheesecake? She also said she would want to grow up in the 80s if she could. She said she would not survive long in the zombie apocalypse. Last but definitely not least is a funny story about her once she had her fly down in the middle of class! One last thing is that her favorite food in the cafeteria is the nachos with cheese. 

Teachers are important because they help many people become famous. She is a very nice teacher and always cares for her students.  My teacher is my hero because if I never had Mrs Waits I would get bad grades in math. She really helped me with math.






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