MRS Winser

by ROWDY BREWER from dougals, Georgia in United States

My Unsung hero Mrs.Wisener Rowdy Brewer

I chose Mrs. Wisener for as my unsung hero because she is nice and they don’t know her like everybody else does like me. And when you turn on your TV, you will never see a teacher on there only if they did something bad and the only thing that you see on tv are like superstars of baseball players. So that's why I picked Miss Wisener for my UNSUNG HERO.

First, right it is teacher appreciation month and this is how I am going to show my appreciation to Mrs. Wisener as my Unsung hero. Now I'm going to talk about how all of the teachers help but these are the only ones that really help me. And it was Mrs.Wisener because she helped me with opinion writing adverbs, and even more than that I didn't understand that’s why I picked Mrs. Winser as my Unsung hero.

Secondly, the reason that I picked Mrs. Wisener is because she was the only one that stood out to me because I was in private school and I learned a lot about math,reading, and history writing other than cursive. That's why I picked  Mrs. Wisener as my Unsung hero.
Third, these are some of the questions that I ask Mrs.Wisener like what witch Hogwarts would you like to be enrolled into she said Gryffindor and another answer that I asked what smartphone app you must have she said tik tok I asked her what was your first memory in school in school she said nap time.

Finally, The reason that I recognized her is because she loves to learn and doesn't like wasting her learning time at all and these are all the reasons I picked  Mrs.Winsener as my Unsung hero.        


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