Mrs Wisener

by Channing Allen from Douglasvillie in Georgia

My Hero: Ms Wisener

I have an unsung hero, her name is Ms Wisener. She is my fourth-grade writing teacher and I like her a lot. Ms Wisener is sweet and kind. She knows all her students and helps them if she needs to. Here is why I chose to write about her.

She has helped me with many things. For example, she helped me understand grammar. At first, I was having trouble understanding but after that, she explained everything to me. We went skating one day and I bruised my tailbone. Ms Wisener helped me when this happened as well. She would let me stand up in class if I needed to and I had my own desk! She is very helpful.

Mrs Wisener told me a few things about her. She told me that her hidden talents are volleyball and cooking. She also corrects grammar and spelling at home. She wants an adorable horse to ride and own. I agree with this because I’m a horseback rider too! The next thing she told me was that she would open an animal rescue center if she gave up teaching. I support this idea! Animals are so cute!!! She also brought up how we are sleepy in our morning classes and crazy in our afternoon classes. I know I’m sleepy because we have to wake up at 6:30 and be in class bye 7:40. I am always upset when my mom wakes me up.

     Every day Mrs Wisener thinks of the quote “The best is always to come.” She thinks of this quote because “it’s very inspirational.” I like this quote too. Her spirit animal is a lion so that explains why she would like that quote. I’m a fish but at least I can swim well right?

I chose Mrs Wisener because she is nice, kind, helpful, sweet, amazing, loyal, and more. It’s only her second year teaching and she’s this good! She has always been like this. The SECOND I saw her I knew that she was going to be an amazing teacher. I guess I was right! I always am! Anyway, why are teachers important you ask? They are important because they teach us knowledge. If we didn't have teachers we wouldn’t know anything at all! Teachers are important! Support your teacher now.

Name: Channing Brae Allen

Credits to: Mrs. Wisener 

Class: Mr Bruno 2nd Period

Story Written In: Paragraphs

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