Mrs. Woods

by Malaysia Rowland from Douglasville, Georgia in United States

Mrs.Woods My Hero 

It's Teacher Appreciation Week and I wanted to mention something. A lot of teachers help with specific topics. Math, ELA, reading, science, and social studies are all topics teachers usually teach in elementary. It bothers me that teachers aren't in newspapers even though they are awesome. Teachers provide you with information that you'll need throughout life. So the fact they aren't in newspapers or anywhere on social media needs to be changed in the future. But they really aren't in the newspapers or on social media, because there are a lot of teachers and that's just a job, so people don't find them very important unless they do something bitterly wrong to where everyone focuses on them.

My hero is Mrs woods. I chose Mrs.Woods because I love math and she motivates me to do well in it. I'm a shy person sometimes but she has helped me believe in myself and do what I believe is right for me. Mrs.Woods has helped me with things like long division. When I first started going to this school it was in the middle of the year and I did not know some of the things in math. I was sitting in class and she was going over the worksheet. I looked confused and asked her “What's a quotient and what is long division?”. She looked at me and responded,” Have you learned this at your old school yet?” I told her no, so she sat down with me when we had a little time before we went home, and taught me long division, all the steps to it and what a quotient is. I was very grateful for that and so was my mother. That's another reason I selected her, she's so kind.

You know how every teacher isn't perfect? Well, I do and I just wanted you to know a little more about Mrs.Woods. Her deep thoughts while in class, her solutions, her out-of-school life, her wishes, etc. Mrs.Woods does get embarrassed sometimes, like when she was working out a problem and a student corrected her. She is very confident, and she would probably be able to survive a zombie apocalypse since she has to put up with so many kids at school and home. That's probably why her school morning routine is just a cup of coffee, caffeine gets you through the day sometimes. She had awesome times when she went to school, she got to play at school with her mom on teacher work day!! That's the best thing ever, she's so lucky.

Mrs.Woods is very important, especially to me. All teachers are important because they teach us. Without teachers, we would not be as smart as we are right now. Mrs.Woods is being recognized by me because she is so kind, funny, and inspirational. She teaches math and believes in me a lot, and she does it with every student. I'm so glad I have a teacher like her to teach my favorite subject. You are a huge hero for helping everyone through math problems they don't understand. Thank you so much Mrs. Woods for being a math hero to everyone.

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