by Jaclyn Tomei from Douglasville in Georgia

  My hero: Mrs.Henderson!

                By: Jaclyn Tomei!

Have you ever heard of Teacher Appreciation Week? Well, this week is teacher appreciation week at South Douglas Elementary School. Teachers aren’t always in the newspaper, but Mrs.Henderson is a great teacher. Also, she isn’t on the Internet because she isn’t a celebrity like Morgan Wallen or Taylor Swift. She is my unsung hero.

I chose Mrs. Henderson because she is kind, and she is competitive. She has helped me many times like when I haven’t understood something about the Civil War she helped me understand and not get confused. Also, she has helped me when I didn’t get the double-digit multiplication that we were working on in Math power hour.

She is my unsung hero because she has many different things about her that people don’t know. She can play the flute and her dream vacation is one of the overwater bungalows. Also, she was a fast driver when she first started driving. Mrs. Henderson doesn’t get why people would want the mullet hairstyle and she said she would choose steak and potatoes.

Why is Mrs.Henderson important to me? She is important to me because she helps me with the stuff I don’t get. Also, I'm recognizing Mrs. Henderson as my unsung hero because she is very helpful and she is a great teacher. She is my unsung hero because she cares for everyone and she takes care of problems when she needs to.



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