Essays on the Theme of Heroism


by Ellie Peranich from Dougleville in Georgia

       It’s Teacher Appreciation Week ! What do your teachers do for you? Teachers do so many things for you and other people. So then why are teachers not on a newspaper or television? They do important things too. It's not just celebrities.!

I picked Mrs. Prewett for Teacher Appreciation Week because Mrs. Prewett is a very kind teacher. She does so much for people and her own kids too. One time when I was struggling in class on one of my essays, Mrs. Prewett helped me and went through the steps. I chose Mrs. Prewett because she is the kindest teacher I could think of and helped me with a lot of things. 

Did you know that Mrs. Prewett was not a good driver when she was younger? Mrs. Prewetts favorite dish from the cafeteria is taco salads. Also, at Mrs. Prewetts wedding she sang in front of a crowd. 

All teachers are important in many different ways. I chose Mrs. Prewett because she is very nice and helps me with a lot of stuff. Mrs. Prewett is a hero because she is a very hardworking teacher, and deals with kids every day. She is my hero.


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