by Lillian Gordon from Douglasville, Georgia in United States

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week to honor teachers. We think teachers should be appreciated, heroes are shown on the news but aren't teachers heroes? Teachers teach us, they help when we are hurt, and they even help when we are sad or feeling down. Isn’t that what heroes do? That is why we are doing this project. We hope you will honor teachers too. 

Mrs. Prewett, my third-grade teacher, was my hero. I would see her every day and her class was the best. She was always so kind and sweet.  I would always be so happy to be in her class. I was also so happy she didn’t yell at all. I would do anything to go back to her class. Or even if she came to my class. I just want her to teach me again because I had so much fun. 

I got to know her a bit now since I got to ask her some questions. The first one I asked her was “How do you remember students’ names?” It was a very good question. I really did wonder how. She answered, “I compete with Ms. Waits and it also takes lots of practice.” The next question I asked her was “How do you spend your summer breaks?” She told me “I like reading, running and playing with my kids.” Lastly, I asked her “What is your dream vacation?” She said “ Ireland.” 

Teachers are very important for kids. They teach kids, help them, and are kind to them.  They teach kids everything they need to know and more! We should appreciate teachers more. If I was a teacher I’d probably go insane teaching all those kids! Yet somehow they are still patient and kind! We should start to appreciate teachers more. 

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