by Lynnlee Mallory from Atlanta, Georgia in United States

Mrs.Quinn is my hero

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. All the teachers help me learn and take care of me when I get hurt. Teachers are rarely on the news because the only time teachers are on the news is for teacher of the year.

Mrs.Quinn is my hero. I chose her because she helps me when I get hurt. One time she helped me when I Was walking to line up and got a soccer ball kicked right to my face. She gave me ice and told me what to do if my eye started hurting. She monitors the hallway in the morning and collects the passes in the afternoon. I also chose her because she is kind to other students including me.

Her hidden talent is singing and a typical Saturday night for her is hanging out with her family. The wisdom she would pass to her students is “kindness is free”. A quote she would live her life by is ”be nice”. Her favorite song is Fancy.

Teachers are important in this world because they help you learn and when you get hurt. I am recognizing this teacher for being there when you need her and helping you. She is a hero because she helps people and monitors the hallways in the morning.



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