by Caroline Chapman from Douglasvile, Georgia in United States

      To:  Mrs.Reeves 

                        From: Caroline

   This week is Teacher Appreciation Week, and my third-grade teacher Mrs.Reeves was my reading teacher.  Mrs.Reeves is my favorite reading teacher, and here is why she taught me what similes, metaphors, idioms (etc) mean!

One of my favorite memories with Mrs.Reeves was when she learned how to roller skate on her heelys.  It was so fun and funny to help her learn how to roller skate on her heelys!  She’s got the hang of it now!

Something really interesting about her is that she made the “Welcome Bear Cubs” sign!  It’s so cool!  She also made a Valentine's Day sign for my family!  It was so cute! She does a ton of more pretty signs!

Mrs.Reeves is the best third-grade reading teacher you will ever have!  I love ♥Mrs.Reeves♥️.  I Appreciate Mrs.Reeves.


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