by Finley Jones from Douglasville, Georgia in United States

Did you know that this week is Teacher Appreciation Week? Teachers do so much for their students and other kids. We all need to appreciate them for all the kind jobs they’ve done! In the morning whenever you turn on your TV and sit down drinking coffee or browsing the Internet for new things to buy. I can probably bet you, you won’t see that many teachers there! You'll probably see some football players, singers, and people showing off things they bought! Do you ever know if teachers will be on the Internet?

One time my teacher in 3rd grade, Mrs. Reeves. Helped me whenever I didn’t have many points. She said she would help me out and I should take 2-3 AR tests a week! I tried to do that but then I still wasn't getting enough and I upgraded to 0.5-1 point each book. I met my AR goal and thanked Mrs. Reeves. I'm very glad she helped me with this. If Mrs. Reeves didn’t help me; I wouldn't have made my goal at the end of the year. I got the prize almost everyone else got and I am still thankful for this kind act.

Mrs. Reeves and many other of my past teachers were very generous, kind, and charming teacher to have. All teachers are amazing to have, but I think Mrs. Reeves was one of the best teachers ever. Did you know, Mrs. Reeves always loved to hang out with family? Mrs. Reeves always liked to 

see the growth of her students. She said it always makes her proud and happy on the inside. She said whenever she got her license she was a good driver, but then when she turned 20 she got her first speeding ticket. Maybe in the future, if there was a zombie apocalypse she would only last 1 minute to an hour. She told my friends and I that in the morning her students are always energized and in the afternoon her students are drained of energy and tired. My last question was, “If she could grow up in a decade what decade would it be?” she said, she would grow up in the 80’s


I think teachers need a raise for how hard they work and how hard they always keep trying for us to become the best of the best students. Teachers help us learn and keep going to make us remember all this stuff so we can become successful in the future.


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