by Walker Brandenburg from Douglasville, Georgia in United States

This week is teacher appreciation week. Do you celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week?  Have you ever wondered why your teacher isn’t on the Internet? Your teacher might not be on TV or YouTube because she isn’t popular like Mr.Beast, Pewdiepie, or Markiplier. My unsung hero is Mrs. Waits.

I picked Mrs. Waits because helped me with things I didn’t know. For example, we were doing an escape room on the computer. I came across a multiplication that I didn’t know. Mrs. Waits helped me on a piece of paper to find the answer. Mrs. Waits also helps other students, like giving the right passes out, helps students with questions, and helps calm down students.

Mrs. Waits is my hero because there are a lot of things people don’t know about her. One of her hidden talents is that she can sing and her typical Saturday night is eating popcorn and watching movies. One last thing that makes a good day at school is her students excited to learn something new.

 Why is Mrs. Waits important? Mrs. Waits is important because she helps me with math problems I didn’t know. I recognize Mrs. Waits because she is helpful, like she helped me with perimeter and area. Mrs. Waits is my unsung hero.


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