by Arizona Alford from Douglasvill, Georgia in United States

All of my teachers are all such good help because when I don't really know what to do I can go to them and they can help me when I need it also  when I'm sad they come to provide me with attention when I need it. The reason why all of the teachers are rarely on the internet,newspapers,and t.v. is because they are not as popular as Taylor Swift and all of the other singers, artists, and other popular people and also, my teachers do a lot for me though. Are teachers even thought to be heroes?

There are so many reasons why I love to have my teacher Mrs.Wisner! One reason why I love my teacher is because she teaches me a lot and she even lets me do fun things when I do the right thing. Also, she can help me when I'm upset and sad. The time Mrs.Wisner helped me was when I was sad and crying because my friends were being really rude to me and leaving me out. Also, the teacher helped me when I got hurt on the playground and she sent me to the office to get some ice. I selected Mrs.Wisner because she is my fourth-grade teacher and she teaches me so much.

There are so many interesting facts about my teacher. One interesting fact about my teacher is that her favorite meal is chicken alfredo. My teacher spends her summer breaks by seeing her friends, and family, and at the beach. The way that she has a good day at school is when she does not have to yell at ANYBODY in class. She said if she could pass on any wisdom to her students it would be ‘’never give up when things are tough’. If my teacher could grow up in any decade she would choose the 80s. These are all five of her interesting facts. I bet that she has more than this.

Teachers are important to us because they want you to be able to succeed in school and they want you to know your work well and become smart. My teacher is being recognized by me because she helps me a lot and I thought that she would be a great teacher to choose. My teacher is a hero to me because she is such an amazing teacher and she helps me so much. I love my teacher so much! Thank you for all you do.


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