by Addi Huddleston from Douglesvill , Georgia in United States

Mrs.Wisner:my hero

All of my teacher’s are the best. They help me when I'm sad. When I don’t know what to do my teachers are always there for me. When I get a bad grade they make me think the good side the positive side. The reason they are not on the news is because people don’t care about how good they teach only if they do something embarrassing that's when they want to put it on the news so they will get embarrassed on tv and probably get fired. Our teachers are heroes though right?

My teacher is Mrs.Wisner I chose her because she always comforts me all the time. She is the best sometimes she just lets us have free time. Most of all  she cares for me like she cares for her family. She helped me by helping me solve my problems. She just treats me like family and she is so nice to me. I just love how she helps me with everything I need to figure it out. One of her hidden talents is volleyball. She spends her summer breaks with friends, and family, and at the beach. Her last meal would be chicken alfredo. Teachers are important because they help you learn and they love to teach kids, and that is very important! My teacher is being recognized today because she helps me a lot and treats her students like family.


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