by max Dilbeck from Douglasville, Georgia in United States

It was teacher appreciation this week so I picked Mrs. Woods, who always makes jokes and cheers us up. Teachers are not as popular as, for example, Meagan Moroney, she is always on the radio. Mrs. Woods is not as famous as an artist. 

My teacher is Mrs. Woods and I chose her because she's always a great teacher and cheers kids up. She helped me multiply fractions and helped me learn a lot that I hadn't learned before.

Her special talent is that she knows every lyric to a song. Her favorite cafeteria lunch is nachos. Every new school year she needs a new outfit. When she first got her license she drove very fast.

My teacher is important because she is one of the best math teachers ever. She always makes me laugh and have a great time in her class. I'm always in a good mood when I step into her class.


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