Essays on the Theme of Heroism


by serenity craft from South Douglas, Georgia in United States

It's teacher appreciation week. I wanted to talk about Mrs.Woods because she is very kind and amazing even though a lot of the kids here get on her last nerve she still tries. Mrs.Woods does fun activities in class and makes math so much fun. I don't see people saying how great a teacher is or saying we should make a show about them so this is why I wanted to do Mrs.Woods as my hero who wants to put on a TV show.

My hero is Mrs Woods because she is nice and sweet and if she's someone who needs help she would go over and help them. I selected her because on the first day of school, I was trying to figure out what to do and where I was, and which way is which. Mrs.Woods showed me which way to go and who the teachers were and their names. She also helped me learn the students' names, but I forgot them in the end.

Mrs. Woods has very good memory so that's how she remembers all of the students' names. Mrs.Woods has a big brain so she would definitely survive an apocalypse of zombies.Mrs.Woods hidden talent is that she can sing along with the radio.If Mrs.Woods could take her students anywhere in the world she would take them to Disney World.

Mrs.Woods is a great teacher and she is encouraging and smart even though she is talking or sharing something she lets her students go to the bathroom or get water.Mrs.Woods is an amazing teacher who tries her best and does fun things for everyone and she makes sure no one is left out.Mrs.Woods is recognized by me because Mrs.Woods is an amazing teacher teacher who deserves to be known everywhere across the world Mrs.Woods really does enjoy sitting by the pool, but loves to go to school and see her awesome students.

signed by :SERENITY CRAFT 


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