Ms. Wisener

by Aria Pulliam from Douglasville, Georgia in United States

        From: Aria To: Ms. Wisener

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week, and I want to do something special for them since they have done special things for us over the past year. When you look at the T.V you see a lot of things about basketball superstars, musicians, and other superstars, but have you ever heard of teachers as heroes? My fourth grade teacher might not be a hero to the world but she is a hero to me.

 Ms.Wisener Is my fourth-grade teacher. She is a hero to me. Ms.Wisener Is a fun teacher. She helped me when I was down or when I was angry. She is a kind teacher here in the fourth grade. She lets us play fun games to help us learn. Sometimes we even just play games for fun. She is kind, sweet, and one of my favorite teachers.

Ms.  Wisener is so sweet. She let me interview her and ask some questions. For example, she said one thing she is afraid of is messing up in front of the principal. Also, I asked how long do you think you would survive the zombie apocalypse. She said 1 year. Lastly, I asked if she could take us anywhere in the world for a field trip. She said Disney World.

Ms. Wisener is an important teacher to me. She is an important teacher to me because she helped me a lot. Ms. Wisener is a hero to me. She is kind and generous. She will help every kid when needed. When kids are upset or sad. You can always count on her when you need help with something.  She loves all of her students.

Ms. Wisener is important to all of us. She is an awesome teacher. She lets us have fun sometimes. She lets us play games every once in a while. She is sweet and a kind teacher. She is the teacher I always wished I could have. This is why I chose Ms.Wisener as my hero.

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