Ms. Wisener

by eniya watkins from Douglasville, Georgia in United States

Ms. Wisener is a great teacher, she was once my 4th-grade teacher, and she is very very nice; one time when I was younger I was outside and I was sliding down a pole and my arm was on it and I didn’t know that my arm was on the pole, then all the sudden my arm broke and I was crying then Ms Wisener, came over and helped me down the pole and took me to the office, then they put some ice on it and called my mom and dad then all the sudden out of nowhere my dad and mom came and picked me up and Ms.Wisener told my mom and dad all what happen and when I got home my mom and dad took care of me, then the next day when I got to school I told Ms. Wisener thanked her and I gave her a big big hug and we started our day.


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