Muhammad Ali

by Arshia K. Hosseini from San Diego, California in United States

133815,_1966_(cropped).jpgPA [Public domain]“It's lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting challenges, and I believe in myself.” A beautiful quote once said by Muhammad Ali has so much meaning about life. Never be afraid to take new challenges and expand the horizon of your imagination. Muhammad Ali was one of the most exceptional fighters to have ever walked the Earth. Not only was he a legendary boxer, but he was also a major inspiration. He had a will to spread peace among the human race and bring hope to those around the world who were less fortunate and oppressed. Muhammad Ali was born on January 17th of 1942 in Louisville, Kentucky. At 12 years old, Ali was brought to Louisville's Columbia Gym by a city patrolman named Joe Martin. However, it was his trainer Fred Stoner who excited Ali’s instincts of becoming a tremendous boxer. Throughout his career, Ali was a three-time heavyweight champion and won 56 out of the 61 matches he played. It was calculated that he had taken nearly twenty-nine thousand punches to the head, and in the midst of all of this, he was doubted and unsupported by many because of his race and beliefs. He never gave up, however, for he stayed strong and gained more supporters. He wanted to use his fame for something special, to help people out. Heroes that can make a difference in our world in the light of day possess qualities such as determination and generousness. These qualities allow one to succeed in life without having to worry about irrelevant things and also be influential and hopeful to those who need it. Muhammad Ali was always determined to do good things and was generous to those who had troubled lives. He carried the attributes which made him a major inspiration in history.

Muhammad Ali is a hero because he maintained his confidence and was not indecisive about making decisions and paving the path of his life. Ever since he was young, Ali he had his mind predetermined to gaining fame to help and influence those in need or that are less fortunate: “I’ve always wanted to be more than just a boxer... More than just the three-time heavyweight champion. I wanted to use my fame and this face that everyone knows so well, to help uplift and inspire people around the world” (Clark). Mr. Ali had the determination to become famous not only for the name, but to control it to support the oppressed people of humanity. He wanted to clear and light a pathway of hope for those that have lost anticipation for life. Ali was also a man who wanted to bring about peace among the many faiths and cultures, whether it was about religion or race: "We don't have Black Muslims, that's a press word. We have white brothers, we have brown, red, and yellow, all colors can be Muslims.... I'm looking for peace one day with all people"(Muhammad Ali). Not only did he want to bring peace for his people, but Muhammad Ali also wanted to end the quarrels that people from a variety of races had with each other. He would do this by building his glory and defending his title in the world of boxing. Ali was determined throughout his life to do great things, not just for the benefit of himself but for the benefit of others and the world around him.

133821, Marion S., photographer [Public domain]In addition to his determination of being great, Muhammad Ali was benevolent. His whole purpose of gaining acclaim was to use it to be able to travel the world and give help to those whose lives were not so grand. Ali has worked with many charity and relief groups to help those around the world: “Ali traveled with Disarm Education Fund and Direct Relief International to deliver $1.2 million-worth of medicine and medicinal supply to Cuba in 1998. He brought humanitarian aid to the Ivory Coast. He made mission trips to both Afghanistan and North Korea to promote goodwill” (Clark). Despite the fact that Muhammad Ali had his life established with fame and riches, he never neglected his primary mission to aid those in need. He donated lots of money different charity organizations. He even personally traveled to different countries to spread these charities. Muhammad Ali worked with leaders of several countries to spread charity: “His work extended globally, too. The United Nations named Ali a Messenger of Peace in 1998 because of his work with developing nations” (Hauser). Ali spread the word of peace and equality among different cultures in America, but he didn’t stop there. He strived to spread his message throughout the globe. This all shows that he truly cared for everyone and wanted to do the best he could to help the less fortunate. Muhammad Ali was a caring person who cared to make the world around better.

A true hero in the modern era has qualities such as complete determination of reaching their goals and being generous towards people around them to try to help the world. Muhammad Ali carried these qualities and had an effect on our society. He was not only one the greatest boxers of all time, but someone who cared about the current state of the world and its people. He tried to help the oppressed and less fortunate around the globe and also worked with many nations to help bring peace among the many cultures and faiths we have. Muhammad Ali was an inspiration for many, even group leaders around the world. He spoke not only for the benefit of his people but for all others who were looked down on in society. He also believed that peace should be brought between the many races to end violence and racism. A true hero of the modern era must have enough courage to build up an everlasting determination to achieve their goals which are related to making the world a better place by being generous to everyone.

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