Muhammad Ali

by Aziza Aliyeva from Rochester, New York in United States

Aziza Aliyeva 

Mrs. Marquart 

January 22, 2020

Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr., also known as Muhammad Ali, was born on January 17, 1942, in Louisville, Kentucky. Ali as a kid was dedicated to boxing. He started amateur boxing at the young age of 12. Eventually, Muhammad Ali was married and had a beautiful family with seven kids. As Muhammad Ali grew older, he not only became a professional boxer, but he was also an activist and philanthropist. He demonstrated what determination was to his people--people who gave him hope to succeed. “His eloquence provided moral leadership to many.” He spoke out against racism and campaigned against Islamophobia. Ali traveled the world to learn more about cultures and people. He taught religious tolerance and offered a variety of donations. Not only that, but he also organized charity events to help people in need. For example, Ali worked with many foundations, such as the Make-A-Wish foundation, to raise money. He was an activist. Ali was known for his social message of “Black pride and black resistance to white domination." Muhammad Ali refused to be “inducted into the U.S. Army because of his opposition to the Vietnam War." Ali was willing to take any consequences regarding this situation. He refused to fight in a war he believed he didn't belong in, and for this he faced many punishments. But his actions showed people to be more brave and strong and stand up for what they believed in was right. Muhammad Ali was a philanthropist. Though Ali made many international efforts, he was also devoted to helping foundations and charities at home. He often visited soup kitchens and hospitals to provide for others. He received some of the world's most prestigious awards. Muhammad Ali’s legacy left an incredible motivation for people. His legacy “left outside of the ring remains just as important as the one inside.” Muhammad Ali worked on problems such as racial, economic and gender inequality. He traveled around the world to teach more about religious tolerance and offer help to those who truly needed it. Muhammad Ali mad a big decision, which was converting from Christianity to Islam, which was a long, complicated process. This showed more recognition outside of the ring. Although he received hate for this big decision of his, he spoke out against Islamophobia. He thought that America should learn to respect and understand the religion of Islam and not fear it. He traveled to many countries to pay respect for the religion itself and to show the people how important Islam is. He showed determination to all people. He spoke out for racism. Although his words were very powerful to people, some saw it as a chance to ruin his life and want what was worst for him. He set his mind to accomplishing what he wanted. He started off with the smallest thing possible and ended up having the biggest impact on people. People truly cared for him as a person. His words inspired people to start making a change as well. The surplus of his accomplishments led others all around the world to do better not only for themselves but for their country as well. His achievements inside and out of the boxing ring was incredible. He showed passion, determination and enthusiasm going through everything he did. Although he struggled, he accomplished what he wanted to. On June 3, 2016, Muhammad Ali died from septic shock, which was unexpected. Although his passing was very difficult for many people, his legacy still lives on today.

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