Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

by Bilge Sena Uysal from Ankara in Turkey

Atatürk was a magnificent leader. I really look up to him because he created a country with nothing. When everybody was losing their hopes he never stop hoping he always had a big fate on Turkish people and that fate helped him to create a new country. Atatürk was always against the monarchy because he always defended that  people need to have their rights and they should choose their own president; he was also against imperialism because he also defended that a country should make its own decisions and need to be free at  every category (economical, political...) 

So I think you guys have an opinion about why I love him so much and look up to him. But let me tell you more; he was a soldier and since he was a little kid he wanted to be soldier so we can say it was his dream job and he was successful let me give you an example Çanakkale front line. But when he started war of the independence the Sultan of Osmanlı Empire was really angry and he immediately told him to come back to Istanbul but he didn't go because he knew that when he set his foot in Istanbul he was going to be arrested. But the Sultan was not happy so he discharged Atatürk from his task, thereupon Atatürk resigned from his dream job, being a soldier, and showed everyone that he would save the Turkish nation's independence and Anatolia from the occupying forces no matter what and his determination on this issue. It's not that he was also a real bookworm (he took education very serious, he also wrote a geometry) and he was supporting artists. scientists,athletes...And he has a saying that explains the importance he attaches to arts "One of the lifeblood of a nation left without art is severed."

In conclusion, Atatürk was a magnificent leader and he may have died but he lives in our hearts. We won't forget you Atam. I want to finish- this essay with a saying by Atatürk " Peace at home,peace in the world "

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