My Brother

by Syed Ayan from Pakistan

As per the fictional movies, comics books, and stories we have always known that heroes are those people that are people that emerge from darkness and bring the hope of light for the people and wear capes. But in my story of life nobody comes to my mind other than my brother when I hear the word hero. Giving me love unconditionally, supporting me in every emotional and financial way. Proving every time that he is there for me.

He became my hero the moment i saw him standing with me going through all my problems and seeing and solving them as his own. But as we know that heroes also have their own issues heroes do make mistakes too and same is with my brother. There are many responsibilities on his shoulders which annoys him a lot and sometimes he overthinks a lot so I play my part and makes sure my hero does not stress brother does not only inspire me by his talks but by his actions too . He showcases himself as an example In front of me. Which I would love to follow. His dedication to his work, his discipline, his respect for both children and elders inspires me a lot.

After seeing my brother's example and realizing that there are not many people like him in the era of today I believe heroism do not only reside in comics and movies but in real life too and these people can be as close as family. I am grateful to my brother for his acts and I do want to become just like him when i grow up.

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