My dad.

by Alvian Iurcenco from Florești

I'm the most beloved Earthling. I am the happiest and luckiest man. I am the most privileged being in this universe, because I have with me two guardian angels, a gentle mother and a protective father.

 I don't think God could have given us a more precious gift than a beautiful family and loving parents.

 Our mothers are our icons. But our fathers, why are they often in the shadows, why aren't their names sung in great ode?

 Looking at my father cutting tireless wood, carrying heavy sacks on his back, you keep thinking that he can't be an ordinary man. Could she be a god, could she be endowed with magical powers?

 But, in fact, my father is an ordinary man, he has learned to be a fighter, to face with courage all the obstacles of life. So where does it get its powers from? Out of love, out of unconditional love for family.

148266My dadIurcenco Stanislav  It is said that God could not be everywhere, that is why He gave us mothers; I believe that God could not always keep us safe from danger, so he gave it to us fathers. From my father's deeds and education I made a conclusion, my father is a hero.

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