My Dad

by Anjia from Pakistan

In people’s life, there is always a special person

that we consider as a hero. I think a father is

the biggest hero in someone’s life. Today I will

share my feelings about my dad as hero in my

life and also a hero during pandemic time

period. There is no doubt that he is the most

important person for me in the world.

We all have awesome childhood memories and

in most of them, I found only my dad. He is the

closest person and were always there for me.

My dad name is Amin Heerji and he is manager

in a company of import and export. I think he is

the most interesting person in this world.

During pandemic period when everyone is

suffering he did a lot of hard work for us to give

us a happy and safe life. His schedule is verybusy but he always take time for us and also

fulfill our all wishes.

We spend a really good time together in

lockdown as work is done from home. He plays

with us helps us in our studies. He is very

loving, caring and supportive. He always stand

by my side and support me in all my decisions

with him I feel so save and I can easily share

everything with him without any hesitation.

I consider my dad as my hero as I was a too

much demanding kid. My dad is the person

who listens me and fulfill my wishes, even if he

is also suffering but he never refuses to any of

my wish. When I think about that time, I

became surprised and amazed. Really he is

super hero of my life. Every hero doesn’t have

superman suit or superpowers like fathers but

they fight for their, kids and family from the

My father is the most important and valuable 

person of my life. He is my dream hero. I 

suggest everyone to appreciate their father’s 

contribution to their life and be respectful of 

him. He is the person who sacrificed everything 

just to make our life better.whole e world just to give them a better life.

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