My Dad

by Fazal from Pakistan

My Hero

Everybody has someone in his/her life who the person we like and want to spend our time with him/her. We call that person our Hero. He can be our dad, mom, siblings, friend or anyone else .We like everything about that person. His traits, personality, or anything else. But that do not matter because that person is Hero for us. And he will remain the same whole our life. For me, that person is my Dad.


He is my Hero from when I get sense. We used to fix our car after he came home from his office. Then we go for a ride on our Bike after working on our car. Those days were awesome for me because he spends much Quality time with me. Because of that time, I got so much knowledge about cars. And now I am car enthusiast. That time was Golden time for me because I learned many important things of life under observation of my Hero. He used to play with me after dinner and we enjoy a lot. When I was ten, he was owner of a factory. When he came home for lunch, He took me with him to factory and I observe all employ working and watch him do meeting and work. He told me everything about his work. I learned how to deal different people there. I learned many things under his observation and those things will be helpful in my future life.


Firstly my dad is my Dad, secondly he is my inspiration, and thirdly he is my Mentor. These things make him my hero I love him and I will love him forever till my last breath.



Fazal XB

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