My inspiration for this poem is my dad, my hero, who is my number one supporter and best friend.

My Dad My Hero

by Milan Bhargava Desai from Newport Coast, California


A wise person once said, heroes are those that we aspire to be

Well then let me tell you about my dad, who is exactly a hero that I see

He carried me around on his back when I was tiny

He scooped me up and kissed me when I was whiny

In Kindergarten, I refused to go to school

So, he sat in my class with me looking really cool

Love those lazy Sundays, snuggling with my Dad watching football

Though the only thing he can make is a grilled cheese that is small

I truly love the way that he wrestles with me

But after he’s done playing, he’s off to work to save two lives or three

My dad takes time off to take me camping with Indian Guides                                             

When my friends and I get into trouble, it is he to whom I confide

My dad taught me how to ride a bike at the school’s playground

And kissed my cuts and scrapes when they were inevitably found

Never played himself, my dad introduced me to Lacrosse with no reservation and fear

He was the first one to put a stick in my hand and buy me some gear

My father and I put together new things like foosball and our basketball hoop

Which are my favorite activities to do when stuck at home like a chicken coop

My dad is really good at soccer since his juggling record is forty-eight

And basketball where he beats us all because he is so great

It turns out that my dad is good at sewing because he has to do it a lot in surgery

He always calls his patients for work to make sure they are okay and not to worry

My dad is the one who takes me out for Chargers games that are really fun

He is the one who signed me up for Surf Dogs and Matt Leinart football so I can run

He always takes me to very fun and fantastic places where I sometimes meet new friends

He also helps me build cars for Pinewood Derby to beat the rest around all the bends

We always win in competitions and special events

However, he always makes sure we are good sports with abundant positive comments

I want to be just like my dad

It is he that I aspire to be since I am his lad

My dad is the one I love and adore from one hundred to zero

So, I know I got lucky because he is my hero

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