My Father

by Areeb from Pakistan


A hero is an individual who has either rescued your life or left a lasting impact on your existence. When
people hear the word hero they always think of Superman, Batman, etc but when I listen to the word
hero only one person comes to my mind. Although, he has no supernatural powers he is better than any
superhero and he has the greatest influence on my life. The person is none other than my father.
He is the person whom I consider to be the greatest hero. Many people want influencers to get the
motivation to achieve something in life but I don't need an influencer because when I see my father
working hard from dawn to dusk so I won't have to endure as much struggle as he does. I get all the
motivation to become a better and respectful person which my father would admire. The sacrifices he
made for me are countless. He is the greatest person that I have in my life and he adds immeasurable
value to my life.
Sometimes when I struggle in my studies by having bad grades and feeling the urge to quit, but then I
see my father all worn out having much bigger struggles and obstacles than me but still wearing a
pleasant expression on his face that shields me from understanding his hardships so I won't get diverted
from my studies.
I think of him as a hero who works in the shadows protecting my family from hunger and struggles
without even letting us know about his struggles. Even if his business is experiencing a downturn he
would always have a smile on his face never revealing the challenges he's dealing with. This ability of his
inspires me to follow in his footsteps and work hard as be a person who would be respected by society
just like my father. He wants to see me attain a high-ranking position in my career and be respected by
everyone in society.
My father has always stood by my side in every aspect of life. He has consistently provided beyond his
means. I think that the word hero belongs to our fathers who are working hard from dawn to dusk
without even caring about their health. I greatly value and respect him and life wouldn't be so good if he
had not been there all the time protecting me from hardships. He is like the sun of my family who shines
bright and gives us stars the ability to shine. The sacrifices he made for me are genuinely beyond
measure and no matter how hard I try I can't repay him for what he has done for me. He's truly the
person I admire the most.

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