My Father

by Aahil Ramzan Ali from Pakistan

A hero is someone who stimulates us to be a better person and motivates us to do best in our life. My hero is not a person with some super powers like Spiderman or Superman; it is the person who is always with me and supports me in my everyday life, the person who influences me to get good grades in my exams and fulfills most of my wishes.


My hero is none other than my father who may not possess any super powers but his love and dedication towards his family is far above than these superpowers. From my childhood till now, my only source of inspiration is my father. Whose sacrifices for me and for my family are commendable? He may not be the best person in this world, but he is the best father. I saw him as a great person.


Although he has faced so many challenges is his life but never lost his courage. He told me that these clouds of horizon are not something bad but these challenges build us strong and teach us that life is not just a piece of cake and we have to be focused in our life and hang in there. He advises me to stay positive in all aspects of life and never give up. He guides me that if i want to achieve something in my life, work hard, work smart and that thing will be mine.


He apprises me that if i fail in any aspect of my life then I have to learn from it and never repeat that mistake again. Failure is a tool to them who knows how to learn from it and how to use it as a key of success. You can achieve anything in your life, nothing is cheap or expensive in this universe, believe in yourself and work hard for it and you can achieve it. My father helps me to take hard decisions in my life. My father shaped my character. Through his actions, I have learned respect, honesty, and so many other things.


In every aspects of my life, my father stands out as the hero for me. He might not possess any super natural powers but his everyday acts of heroism leave a deep impact on my life. I am thankful to have such an amazing hero by my side through thick and thin, and also encouraged me to confront these challenges to be stronger enough.

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