My father-my Hero

by Tamara Prașca from Moldova,Floresti

148262My fatherGregoryIt said that God could not be everywhere ,that is why He gave us mothers,I believe that God could not always keep us safe from danger,so He gave to us fathers.
My father`s name is Gregory.He is a very cheerful,intelligent and positive person.He jokes constantly and abundantly,it is impossible to pass near him without smiling.He supports me in difficult times,he gives me useful advice,he teaches me to enjoy life,he shows me the right way.Even if we often arrange small verbal fights:we compete,we argue,we have fun each other,these fights end with an explosive laughter.My father sacrifices himself most of the time ,turning into a shield of defense against my storms,hardships and fears.In his vigourous arms I lose my mistrust and disappointment.He is my true hero in life,the one who for better or worse is beside me.
Through love and affection that he shows to me,I gain great deal of confidence that will help me to become a strong women in future,becouse nothing can be compare to a sincere compliment from a loving father.Dad managed to do so many beautiful things for me,he was able to overcome so many obstacles,he went through so many events,he saw and heard so many things,Dad,I have so much to learn from you.
He is my hero,becouse only from him I can learn what it is like to live a real life without fear.He is one who is with me from the first moments of my life.Whenever,I know that he will be by my side,

I love you,Dad!

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