My friend Romane

by Clementine Lebrun from Caen in France

Hello My Hero Project, I have to tell you a story about my friend, my fantastic friend.

During a trip, I met a girl : “Romane”, and she told me her story.

When she was 13 years old, she was taken ill every day, every week, all the time. She was scared and her parents too.

One day, she decided to go to hospital and she saw a doctor. The diagnostic came out and the doctor told Romane “I’m sorry, you have a cancer, exactly a leukemia.”

She told me that she was scared and sad. She said that she would never sin over this cancer, it was her enemy. “I hate my life”

Day after day, she lost her hair because she had to have chemoterapy. She was bullied at school. She said “I’m not beautiful anymore”. She’s told me that it is a strange feeling to lose your hair.

At 14 years old, the new diagnostic said that she was fine, everything was alright. She was saved. She was so happy.

Today, after 3 years, she stills fights her cancer. When she told me her story, she was not crying, she was smiling.

Romane is my hero, she’s the strongest person that I have. She’s my friend and my model. She’s brave and courageous to fight her cancer and students who bullied her. I’m so proud of you, Romane.

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