My Grandmother from Vientiane, Laos

by Michael Schultz from Wichita, Kansas in United States

143149My Grandmother from Vientiane Laos is my HeroMichael SchultzMy Hero is my grandmother. She was born in 1952 in Vientiane, Laos, and she and my grandfather and their 3 kids crossed over the Mekong River and went into hiding on a fishing boat to get away from the Communists back in the early 1970's. She was brave because she was separated from her husband in concentration camps and had to find him later when they reached Bangkok, Thailand. When they found each other, their family of 6 immigrated to the USA. My grandmother went to night school to learn English, while in the day time she was a maid at the Watergate Hotel, and she studied hard so that she could become an American citizen. I am a 15 year old Autistic boy and this is how I would like to honor my grandmother, by painting a portrait of her because she left her parents and even left all the love letters my grandfather wrote to her because there was no time to gather the important stuff. She had no luggage or food and very little money. She just told her 3 kids to get in the boat and it was time to go. I love my grandmother very much and because I cannot speak verbally to express my gratitude because I am Autistic. I can very well paint her because her bravery and her beauty inside is what makes her my hero, so thank you for giving me the opportunity to show my grandmother that she is my HERO.

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