My Guardian Angel

by Nika Jarc from Slovenia


Everyone has their favourite superhero. Maybe somebody's favourite is Captain America, who protects people with his really strong shield, or maybe Superman who protects the whole world. My hero, however, doesn't have a superpower or a shield and can't fly. You will most likely think that a hero without ultimate physical power can’t be a superhero. You are in the wrong. Let me tell you about my heroine.

My grandma was absolutely the best person I have ever known and my really greatest hero. Sadly she isn’t with us anymore, but is now a hero above the sky, in the kingdom of heaven.

First of all, she gave life to my mom so I can be here now and write this story about her. When I was little, she always spent time with me, she was by my side till her last day. I even went to kindergarten later than others because she looked after me at home. We would play together every day all day and made so many heartfelt and affectionate memories together. I still remember how I used to help her cook with my toy kitchen. Together we used to cook lunch for my mom, dad, and grandpa. She would be with me even when I was sick to make me feel better. She would do her domestic chores and also look after me so I would feel comfortable and safe.

My memory of her is still clear and vivid. I used to have really long hair, but I didn't let my mom brush it because when she brushed my hair she would pull a bit too hard. The only person that I let brush my hair was my granny. She would also braid my hair or gather it into pigtails. After she died, I cut my hair.

She would also give me comfort when I was fearful or became all sad. She would do magic using her well-chosen, soft words together with her work-worn, frail hands and bring a bright smile on my troubled face. Even now when I think back on her as I’m writing this, it makes me beam and feel blue all at once.

She was really special and precious to me. Many people wouldn't consider her a hero, but to me she is the biggest one there is. For me she can even beat Captain America and Superman by just being her. The only sad thing is that she isn't with me now, so I could thank her for everything she did for me. I also wish I could show her that I have grown up well and that she did an amazing job looking after me and helping my mom raise me. Just like in the garden you pick the most beautiful flower first and just like the beautiful flower, my grandma went away first because she was so beautiful inside and out.

The last thing I want to say to my grandma is that I love her and I am grateful for ever having her in my life.

Nan, you will be my superhero forever. THANK YOU FOR BEING


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