My Hero

by Xiaodong Zhou from West Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada

Did you have any heroes growing up as a kid? Was it Superman, Batman, Ironman, or Captain America? Growing up, my hero has been my mom because she takes care of me so well and makes me feel safe.

However, the Covid-19 pandemic has changed everything. It’s really sad to see that millions of people around the world have died from it and many more people are sick because of it. We now need heroes more than ever to save the world. In the face of this pandemic, real heroes have emerged. They are doctors, nurses, and scientists. My mom is my personal protector, but these people are the protector of all humans in the world.

To fight against the Covid viruses, many doctors and nurses have shown tremendous determination and courage to save lives, risking their own lives. Many of them have to leave their own families and work around the clock to treat patients, racing against time. I remember seeing this nurse on TV begging people to stay home as much as they can and wear a mask when they go out in public. Her eyes were full of tears. I felt very sad seeing this and it made me realize how serious the pandemic is. Therefore, I urge people to listen to the suggestions made by doctors and nurses so we can make their lives a little easier.

In addition to doctors and nurses, scientists are also big heroes in this fight against the Covid viruses. They have to race against time to invent new medicines and vaccinations to save lives. Thanks to their hard work, millions of people around the world can get vaccinated, so they will not get sick. My mom, dad, and sister have also been vaccinated. When they get vaccinated, they will not spread the virus to me, so I will not get sick. This is how you protect your family. I am very grateful to the scientists who protect the lives of my family.

Therefore, this special time of pandemic has made me realize that doctors, nurses, and scientists are the biggest heroes because they can save real lives, not just imaginary lives in hero movies. Of course, my mom will always be my hero, but the title of real heroes should go to doctors, nurses, and scientists because they can save real human lives.

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