My Hero

by Liz Orvis from Redford, Michigan in United States

What is a hero? How do they impact my life?

A hero helps me think positively, to live beyond just my strife


A hero hears me ramble, sometimes a lot, every single day

They listen to my questions, and always know what to say


A hero helps me calm down my (mostly) irrational fears

And on the bad days, helps me wipe away my crocodile tears


A hero rewrites the tape in my head with some encouraging words

And recognizes my brilliance without calling me a nerd


A hero loves me intently when I can’t even love myself

And makes sure there is always healthy food on my shelf


A hero helps me know that who I am is enough

And gives me a gentle shove on those days that are rough


A hero teaches me to take the option of suicide off the table

And stops keeping track of my weaknesses, focuses on ways I am able


After much deliberation, there’s a realization that’s true

There’s a hero in my life, and that hero is you!

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