Visualize Heroism Art Contest for Students 

The MY HERO Project's art contest provides a great opportunity for students of all ages to showcase their artistic talents while celebrating the heroes in their lives.

Art Contest 2023
Credit: MY HERO

Art has the power to inspire, uplift, and bring attention to the remarkable individuals and organizations that contribute to making the world a better place.

Participants can choose from a variety of mediums, such as drawing, painting, photography, or digital art, to creatively express their appreciation for those who are making a positive impact on society. This could range from honoring activists, scientists, educators, community leaders, or even ordinary individuals who have gone above and beyond to help others or yourself.

 MY HERO Art Contest Guidelines

  1. Choose a Subject: Decide on the individual or organization you want to honor through your artwork. Research their contributions and impact to gain a deeper understanding of their story.

  2. Select a Medium: Determine the artistic medium you'd like to work with. This could be traditional mediums like drawing, painting, mixed media, photography, or digital mediums if you prefer working on a computer or tablet.

  3. Plan Your Artwork: Sketch out your ideas and compositions before starting the final piece. Consider how you can visually capture the essence of your chosen subject and their positive impact.

  4. Create Your Artwork: Begin working on your artwork, paying attention to details and elements that convey the message you want to convey. Take your time to ensure a polished and impactful final piece.

  5. Write a Description: Along with your artwork, please provide a short description explaining your inspiration and how your chosen subject has made a positive impact.

  6. Submit Your Entry:  Students submit their artwork using the MY HERO Create Program ( Please tag your submission as Contest.  Include your email if you are 13 or older. If you are younger than 13, please include your teacher or parent's email so we can contact you if you are a finalist or winner.

  7. Submission Deadline: Submission deadline is December 15, 2023. 

Tutorial: Use the Create Program to Submit Artwork

Use the Create Program to Publish Original Artwork Link
Credit: MY HERO

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