My Hero During Corona's Epidemic

by Minoo Keshtkar from Tehran in Iran (Islamic Republic of)

All of the people have their own specific role model who can be so impressive in their lives. Actually, these role models are their heroes.

Throughout history, human beings have encountered a lot of troubles, but they realize that if they become united and care about other people’s lives, dealing with these kinds of issues is a piece of cake. Therefore, there have always been people who sacrifice their lives and become heroes of that time.

Nowadays, the concept of hero has magnificently changed. Although there are some people who abuse from community’s problems, we see some gracious people who risk their lives in order to rescue other humans. Absolutely, the medical staff are the salt of the earth and they are my heroes during the epidemic.

In my opinion, one of our responsibilities is to be careful in regard to our health and obey the rules meticulously. In this way we can, somehow, lessen the burden that they suffer. 

Finally, I hope all of the sick people get over their illness soon, and I wish the happiest moments for all people, especially my heroes, all over their lives.


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