MY HERO Film Festival Judge: Cheikh Darou Seck

by Dorothy Lie from Los Angeles, California in United States

137375Cheikh Darou SeckCheikh Darou SeckAfter 18 years working as a schoolteacher in Senegal, Africa, becoming a global educator and filmmaker was an extraordinary turn of events for MY HERO International Film Fest judge Cheikh Darou Seck.

Seck became involved with The MY HERO Project in 2004 at an International Education Network (iEARN) conference in Slovakia. Currently a school principal living in Dakar, Senegal, Seck attributes his success to his commitment to MY HERO.

“Prior to [meeting MY HERO] I wasn’t a filmmaker, I wasn't a global educator. I had no idea whatsoever about global issues, let alone filmmaking. The MY HERO team trained me in filmmaking and global education and helped me grow both professionally and personally,” said Seck.

Over a decade later, he remains one of many distinguished MY HERO film festival judges.

“The first thing I look for is originality,” explains Seck, regarding his judging process. “What does the film bring to the viewers? Sometimes you watch a film and it’s like you receive a hammer to the chest--because it is so original in the way the story is told. Some [MY HERO] films are so unique; you learn another aspect of this great story that is the story of mankind.”

After Seck’s 18-month-old son, Malick, was diagnosed with a heart disease, MY HERO Director Jeanne Meyers connected Seck with Federica Iezzi, One Life ONLUS founder. According to Iezzi, the voluntary association is funded with the aim of giving marginalized children hope of living a dignified life in developing countries.

“Here is this young Senegalist guy--36 years old, and this lady from California 15 years later, this lady Jeanne Meyers saved the life of my son,” said Seck.

On August 27, Seck’s wife, Khady Faye, and Malick returned from a two-month stay in Italy where Malick received a lifesaving heart operation funded by One Life ONLUS.

“For me, the relationship [with MY HERO] has gone beyond professional ties; it’s become very personal. It’s a friendship that has turned into family ties,” said Seck.

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