My Hero is my mother

by Francesca Spac from Floresti,Theoretical Lyceum “Ion Creangă”

148256My motherȘpac LuciaMy hero is my mother.Mother is the beginning of all beginnings,she is the source of life,life starts from her and Hope is reborn in her arms.Mother is the being to whom we owe a deep respect,to whom we thank for bringing us into the world and for contributing to our existence with God,giving us the most beautiful gift we can receive with an open heart:life

Everything we have and everything we will have,the future,the present and the past we owe to our mother,the best friend we have with us in difficult moments.The first smile,the first step,the first word,a book of beautiful stories,childhood with all its secrets are closely connected. Eyes like glittering candles,mouth like a rose,a smile like a rainbow after a hot summer rain makes up the cute face of my mother.From my mother I know a lot of things:not to forget to be human,to live without expecting anything in return,to forgive for my peace,to help anyone.My mother’s relationship has always been very close and warm.For me,my mother is the closest friend with whom I always share all my problems,experiences and care.Her love is priceless,it’s like a painting that deserves to be framed and exposed to the public,everyone being enchanted by beauty.It’s like a storybook that reveals to me what is good and what is bad,what is right and wrong,beautiful or ugly,what things are honest and what are not,how to get through this world with my head up.Her gentle and surprising face is seen with gold thread in my heart that I always wear in my soul,and whenever it is difficult for me,it makes everything much easier and more pleasant.It is the light of my life that never goes out,that shines in me like the star in the sky,she is the cradle of stories that comforted my childhood and made every day spent with it a fairytale day.She is the star that appears in the mysterious night,managing to reveal everything with its light.When my mother is with me,I feel much better,she hugs me to her chest and I listen to her heart beating so hard as if she is coming out of her chest.He loves me so much that love that she has for me helps me to get over everything.I would like her to always be by side,to make me smile with her big,clear eyes,to know how to caress me,to help me when I need her help.

 Mother is the one who teaches us that love demands nothing and expects nothing.Moreover,she is the one who loves us knowing that she will not receive anything in return.The one who understands the small things,all the mysteries of life.Mother-that one for whom the greatest satisfaction in her life is our smile,no matter how far we take her…

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