Hero music videos from the MY HERO Audio library

Stand Up

Producer: Girard College Lower School

Dream Jane Dream

Producer: Lori Henriques
A song for Jane Goodall

Love is the Greatest Thing - Pato Banton

Producer: The MY HERO Project
Pato Banton performs at the MY HERO 20th Anniversary Celebration.

Laguna Beach Eco Heroes: James Dilley

Producer: The MY HERO Project
James Dilley is the father of the Laguna Greenbelt and is commemorated in this wonderful little Ditty.

Hands Up Don't Shoot

Producer: RAP ARTIST:Queen McElrath, DIRECTOR: Aniea Cody, PRODUCER: Todd Young ...
Nashville students, Queen McElrath and team show love and talent for Michael Brown and the people of Ferguson Missouri.

Playing For Change: Peace Through Music

Producer: Mark Johnson & Jonathan Walls
Playing for Change | Peace through Music

SFU Public Square ONE VOICE Music Project

Producer: SFU Public Square/Sarah Van Borek from CANADA
The power of music, media, performance and collaboration to bridge divides and inspire appreciation for diverse communities.

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The MY HERO 2018 Song Contest
Credit: MY HERO

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