My hero-my grandmother

by Iana Racu from Floresti, Republic of Moldova

My hero was born on a spring day, a warm, beautiful, green day, a day desired by many people, in a month of March on ....

148245My grandmotherRacu RaisaWith a small height, with gentle eyes, with a warm smile, she always greets me at her, whether it is sunny, rainny or frosty, this hero being my grandmother, Raisa.

In her turn, she is a simple woman, without an important role for the state, but a big role for me.

I grew up with her, I grow up with her and I will grow. She is the person who replaced my mother who was abroad all my childhood, even in adolescence. At the same time, I got less attention from her,than from my grandmother.

I am now 17 years old and I live with my grandmother because I feel better with her than with my mother or rather, my house is where she is. She gave me all the best, she gave up on it, just to feel good, she gave me a good education and a strong and emotional character.

Learned, in another locality, far from home, my grandmother calls me every day and asks me about my condition. And when I come home, she greets me with her favorite food or something she just made. I care more about her than any other family member.

No one is ideal, everyone has something that bothers someone else, but I think my grandmother is that ideal that grows every day, that's why I love her

My hero - my grandmother.

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