My hero, my mom

by Ava Ford from Culver Indiana, Indiana in United States

My hero, my mom

Successful, kind, and empathetic, this is how I would describe my mom, always knowing,

Oldest of three, now she has my sister and me. We are Best friends.

My mom works hard every day, running her business, always going going going

When I was little, I watched her prepare daily for work, with makeup that she now lends.

To me, my mother is the nicest person, she hosts food drives, and coat drives, and is always showing,

Her love to everyone. Whenever I have a bad day, I know she is only one call away.

Near or far I feel her love growing

When I see her it is hard to leave, I always want her to stay.  

She is my hero because she is always helping others.

At her salon, she will give you a free haircut if you are ill.

And to all of my friends, she is a second mother

No matter where I go I know her love will be with me still

Not one person works as hard as you to give us everything we need

I aspire to be like you one day, always going to do a good deed.



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