My Hero My Teacher

by Abdul Rehman from Pakistan

                                                     My Hero My Teacher


Heroes are not just figures from movies or comic books; they are the people who often come across and leave an unforgettable and a great impact on us. One such person, has profoundly influenced my life. Through his never ending support, and selflessness. He have become my ultimate source of inspiration and a true hero in every sense.


Now who is he? He is the person who impacted my life so much that I couldn’t tell you in few words. He is my teacher ‘Mr. Smith’, who influenced my life, the not only that he offered a great support to me in my life.


Now how he impacted my life? I was in collage working on my Computer Science subject, I was suffering to understand all the languages or branches of computer sciences. While I was suffering from it I heard a news that a new computer science sir has come in our collage, I went to him and requested some help on my subject and he without any hesitation accept my request to help. As he listened my concerns about the subject he smiled and said take my number and feel free to call me anytime you have to ask something. Mr. Smith, my computer science teacher, not just became as a true hero in my academic life but Faced my complex and silly questions of me in computer science, his arrival in my life brought hope and support both. Rather than just providing answers, he suggested me to give a test to boost my understanding, he gave extraordinary guidance to my needs. His selflessness stood out; teaching wasn't a job for him but a mission for faster and genuine understanding in computer science.


Mr. Smith, my computer science teacher, is my hero. His support and dedication go beyond just teaching. With his encouragement, I've gained confidence in tackling challenges. Mr. Smith isn't just a teacher; he's an inspiration that has made an impact on my learning journey.

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