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NOVEMBER 25, 2020 - LAGUNA BEACH, CA – Next weekend, The MY HERO Project will announce the winners of the 2020 MY HERO International Film Festival at a virtual Screening and Awards Ceremony. The screening will feature some of the festival’s top films.

 A separate playlist will showcase youth films, which are geared towards young children. Filmmakers, and the heroes of their stories, will be recognized for their work and honored with cash and prizes.   

The screening and awards ceremony will take place:

December 12, 2020

6:30 pm (PST)

Via Zoom

All are invited:


The inspiring short films are about heroes — people making a positive difference in the world. Categories include Narrative, Documentary, Music video, Experimental, Animation, Trailer and Excerpt. Separate divisions honor Elementary, Middle School, High School, College and Professional filmmakers.

Special Awards will also be presented:

The Dan Eldon Activist Award offers a $500 cash prize to a filmmaker whose work highlights the theme of activism. The award is sponsored by Kathy Eldon and Amy Eldon Turteltaub, of the Creative Visions Foundation and is named for Kathy’s late son Dan Eldon, a photojournalist who was killed on assignment in Somalia in 1993. 


The $1,000 Ron Kovic Peace Prize is awarded to a filmmaker whose work promotes peace. The winner is chosen by Ron Kovic, a U.S. Marine-turned-peace activist, artist and author of the New York Times bestseller Born on the Fourth of July, which became a major motion picture.


The Relationships First Award is given to a filmmaker whose work portrays the diversity and depth of today's modern familial relationships. The Foundation for the Contemporary Family offers a $1,500 cash prize for a short film that depicts the powerful connections present in any type of family.


The Eva Haller Women Transforming Media Award goes to a filmmaker who shows women making a positive difference in the world through their use of media. The $2,500 award is shared by two divisions —student and professional filmmakers. The award is sponsored by Eva Haller, a Holocaust survivor, philanthropist and mentor to many.


The Immersive Storytelling Award honors work that uses VR and other immersive technology to promote creativity, engagement, activism and social good. The award is sponsored by The MY HERO Project


The Original Song Contest is presented by The MY HERO Project and Guitars in the Classroom. The award honors a student and a professional songwriter whose work showcases a hero or heroism.

Past festival winners can we viewed on the MY HERO website: The festival is part of The MY HERO Project, a 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to celebrate the world’s heroes through stories, short films, music and art. For more information, visit MY HERO’s award-winning website

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