MY HERO T-Shirt Prize Stories

Del Norte HS 2017 to 2018

Robin Christopher, Teacher

Aaron Copland

By: Naomi Liao

Alan Turing

By: Keegan Goodwin

Alan Turing

By: Sara Earney

Alexander Hamilton: Revolutionary, Visionary, Hero

By: Andrew Holden

Clifford Stoll

By: Rishi Yalamarty

Frida Kahlo

By: Amoolya Chandrabhatta

Angela Merkel

By: Nabeeha Rashid

James Lovell

By: Renee

John Lennon

By: Lauren Del Mar

John Nash - A Selfless Struggle

By: Zahir Ahmed

Lee Kuan Yew

By: Sophie Lee

Louis Zamperini

By: Diane Tang

Marie Curie

By: Adhith Guntur

Maya Angelou: One Who Turned Her Life into an Inspiration

By: Chloe Lee

Misty May-Treanor

By: Caitlin Jose

Mother Teresa

By: Yurim Song

One Man, One Thousand Worlds: Oskar Schindler

By: Santiago Larson

Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta

By: Karina Millican

Nelson Mandela

By: Kayla Nguyen

Paul McCartney

By: Adam Holbel

Ronald Reagan

By: Shiv Puliady

Steven Paul Jobs

By: Sumukh Gowda

Rachel Singer, Teacher

Albert Einstein

By: Nicole Nguyen

Alicia Appleman-Jurman

By: Josie Skopec

Bethany Hamilton: “Never Give Up”: A Hero’s Message of Hope

By: Morgan McKinney

Bill Russell

By: Rohan Prashanth

Colin Powell

By: Colin Szeto

Dan Eldon

By: Isabel Luu

Edde Aikau

By: Crew DeCarlo

Guillermo del Toro

By: Julianna Arceo

Hayao Miyazaki

By: Cynthia Li

Winston Churchill

By: Eagan Kaminetz

Hippocrates: The Father of Medicine

By: Barath Raj

Isaac Newton

By: Daniel Oviedo

John Muir: The Guardian of Nature

By: Daniel Shia

Leonardo da Vinci

By: Uomo Universale

Leonhard Euler: The Catalyst behind the Revolution of Mathematics

By: Fox Davenport

Mohandas "Mahatma" Gandhi

By: Joshua You

Superhero 101: Oprah Gail Winfrey

By: Chaela Cruz

A Deserving Hero: Priyanka Chopra

By: Takshie Thadani

Stephen Hawking: A Scientist Who Just Happens to Be Disabled

By: Shivam Dhirar

Torey Hayden

By: Katelyn Glenn

Walt Disney: The Man Who Made Dreams Come True

By: Madeline So

Winston Churchill

By: Evan Lin

Alison Shewmaker, Teacher

Elizebeth Friedman

By: Michelle Sze

John Dewey

By: Gabe Adaya

Jonas Salk

By: Lexie Llamas

J.P. Morgan

By: Suliman Taeb


By: Kaia Ocampo

Louis Armstrong

By: Michael Lee

Lionel Hampton

By: Zaroof Haider

Shonda Rhimes

By: Olivia Rollins

Simone Biles

By: Kiara Rebugio

Witold Pilecki

By: Zoe Santos

Del Norte High School - Michelle Furtado, Teacher

Adam Braun

By: Anika Mamidwar

Bob Hansman

By: Caden Lane

Desmond Doss - Thou Shalt Not Kill

By: Jenna Vargas

Elon Musk Will Take Us To Mars

By: Edgar Verastegui

Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel

By: Charlotte Owsley

Jeff Bezos

By: Gavin Theriault

Jimi Hendrix

By: Dean Templeton

Katherine G. Johnson

By: Gigi Gonzales

Lily Yeh

By: Esther

John Phillip Holland

By: James McKinnon

Sojourner Truth

By: Thao Le

Terry Fox

By: Natalie Jessie

Torey Hayden

By: Katelyn Glenn

Social Activism Over Selfies: Why Yara Shahidi is a Hero for the 21st Century

By: Lili Mckissen

Wallace Hartley

By: Lydia roeder

Katie Thompson, Teacher

Roger Federer

By: Nakul Nandhakumar

Alicia Keys

By: Jillian Carlisle

Amanda Lindhout: Survivor and Influencer

By: Anamarie Traina

Brigham Young

By: Noah Trepanier

Elizabeth Smart

By: Sydney Eminhizer

Linus Pauling

By: Matthew Holloway

Sheikh Hasina

By: Anvita Suresh

Nellie Bly

By: Jack Lee

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