MY HERO T-Shirt Prize Stories

2017 to 2018

The MY HERO staff reviews every story submitted to the site and selects stories that are not only well-written, but also speak to the heart of both the writer and the reader.

Frida Kahlo

By: Maggie Carmody

Emilie Schindler

By: Ethan Green

Jackie Chan

By: Tom Cai

Edgar Allan Poe

By: Meghan Eilenfield

Elaine Noble

By: Quinn Ragsdale

Alan Turing

By: Keegan Goodwin

Fredericksburg Academy - Jennifer Clark Evans, teacher

John Nash - A Selfless Struggle

By: Zahir Ahmed

John Lennon

By: Lauren Del Mar

Alan Turing

By: Sara Earney

Angela Merkel

By: Nabeeha Rashid

Paul McCartney

By: Adam Holbel

Del Norte High School - Robin Christopher, teacher

Colin Powell

By: Colin Szeto

A Deserving Hero: Priyanka Chopra

By: Takshie Thadani

Bethany Hamilton: “Never Give Up”: A Hero’s Message of Hope

By: Morgan McKinney

Leonardo da Vinci

By: Uomo Universale

Mohandas "Mahatma" Gandhi

By: Joshua You

Leonhard Euler: The Catalyst behind the Revolution of Mathematics

By: Fox Davenport

Del Norte High School - Rachel Singer, teacher


By: Kaia Ocampo

Jonas Salk

By: Lexie Llamas

J.P. Morgan

By: Suliman Taeb

John Dewey

By: Gabe Adaya

Del Norte High School - Allison Shewmaker, teacher

Bob Hansman

By: Caden Lane

Elon Musk Will Take Us To Mars

By: Edgar Verastegui

Desmond Doss - Thou Shalt Not Kill

By: Jenna Vargas

Jeff Bezos

By: Gavin Theriault

Sojourner Truth

By: Thao Le

Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel

By: Charlotte Owsley

Del Norte High School - Michelle Furtado, teacher