My Lovely grandfather

by Ayesha Tahir from Jubail in Saudi Arabia

My Grandfather is my Hero!

My Grandfather name is Hajji Ghulam Nabi 

He is 85 Years old and currently lives in my home county Pakistan 

My Grandfather is my inspiration and my role model as he is the role model of my father !

My Grandfather was a farmer and he worked very hard to give higher education to my father.

He gave good education and a very bright career to my father and developed my lovely father.

My father told me that your grandfather worked day and night for us and sacrificed his own wishes for us. 

I like my grandfather due to his hardworking and his vision and mission accomplishment!

I got a message from my grandfather's lift, that sets targets in your life, works hard to achieve them.

My father is a successful man due to the vision of my grandfather. 

Whenever I go to Pakistan I am super excited to meet my grandfather.

My grandfather is also fun he plays with me and my sisters.

Sometimes he is busy but he spends most of the time with me.

In Pakistan, my grandfather has a farm where me and my cousins, and my sisters play.

We all play with our grandfather all day long till night.

I have the best time with my grandfather!

146771My Hero is my grandfather!I love my grandfather a lot.

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