My Mom

by Giavanna from Staten Island, New York in United States

People will never truly understand things until it happens to them.

Hi again! So today I will talk about my teachers, the ones who support you throughout everything. What teacher you ask? My mother. Now I would love if you go check out my other story before you read this one. It all started in 2008. My mom and dad got married. Had a dog and a cat as pets and 2010 came. I came. Since she taught Pre-K to 5th grade, I was good to learn and if I needed help with my homework, who was there for me? My mom. As I meet my best friend, whom I am still with today, my brother came and it was extra hard on her. Not that I am saying my brother is a mistake (he was not even a 1 1/2 apart yet).  She had to do 2x the work I put on her. She would have to do a kindergartner's work and a Pre-K kid's work. Then cam 2nd grade for me. We would throw out everything that we had in the past years of school work. My brother got to kindergarten but was doing good. Now my mom did not know 2nd grade math but I always got 100% on everything she helped me with. We were all a happy family until after my 8th birthday. My grandfather slipped and fell. He went in the hospital. I was getting bad grades but all the homework I did with my mom was, you guessed it, 100% correct. I could not think, at all. Then December happened. Me, my brother, mom and dad were all fine on Christmas day, opening up our presents and everything else while four useless days later, I was back to school worrying and worrying when I found out that my whole family was going to see Grandpa. (Not my cousins but one, he was 30.) I had to stay at a long time friend's of theirs house. We played and played bingo, but at 8:00 my mom came and helped me with my work. The next day I wake my mom and dad up and she had a sad look in her eye. She said nicely, "Gia, Joey, I know you do not want to ever hear this come out of anyone's mouth but, Grandpa... died." My face fell and I started laughing. I said something like, "You're a big and stupid liar! I will tell grandma! Stop joking!" At that time I saw nothing but blackness in her arms. My brother, you ask, with tears in his eyes but pretending he did not care. When my grandma came down she looked like she just had a newborn baby. I asked her what was the matter and she told me everything. At that time I knew it was not a joke. I told my dad to give me his phone. I face-timed my friends. They knew him and they were about to cry too. After that big blow my mom helped me in every way. I love you Mom and Pop-Pop and never forget that. 

Hope you guys enjoyed and can make a connection.

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